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BridgeDoc is a web-based application utilized by construction managers for document control on public agency projects. Sign up for updates.


The BridgeDoc mission is to maximize productivity, standardization, and compliance of document control systems, allowing construction managers to focus on ensuring quality construction. BridgeDoc increases clarity, efficiency, completeness, and compliance in document control, contract administration, inspection, and construction management of public works construction projects.



This product was born out of the need for a simple, affordable, and specific tool for public agency employees and consultants.


As public agencies face budget challenges, labor increases, and staff shortages, consultant and municipal construction managers are looking for ways to increase efficiency, completeness, and consistency of construction administration procedures.

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These construction managers also face complex funding and public contract code requirements, often juggling file maintenance and contract administration with the more fast-paced needs of actual construction.

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BridgeDoc is a solution specifically to meet the needs of municipal agencies, providing an affordable, straightforward, and complete construction management solution.


BridgeDoc founder, Kelly Wheeler, is a licensed civil engineer with 20 years of experience in all facets of public works construction, and is Vice President/COO of an engineering consulting firm that specializes in construction management of local agency projects. As both creator and customer of BridgeDoc, Ms. Wheeler has a vested interest in making the product as relevant as possible, and understands the need and solution.